Roger Shimomura: American Knockoff

Opening Reception: Friday, October 7th at Belger Arts Center, 6-9pm

Sarah Pike: Digital Debut

Online Friday, October 7th, 4pm CST

Dan Anderson: Mascots, Hearts of Love and Proposals

Now Online!

Human Kind: The Sublime and The Ridiculous

Now Open at the Belger Arts Center

Dan Anderson Workshop - October 15-16

Creating Forms with Dan Anderson is a one or two-day workshop that combines demo and hands-on formats. Come for one day to see his techniques and hear his stories, or stay for the second day and try some of the techniques yourself.

Whether or not you can attend, please join us at 4:30PM on Sunday for the Free presentation by Dan Anderson.

Better Together Look-Book Now Online!
New Classes Online

Have you had a chance to check out the Better Together, the exhibition features six Red Star Resident Artists? Well, the look-book is now available, allowing you to enjoy the work from any device. There's no time like the present. Take a look!

We have some news classes, with a new format, taught by new residents! 3 and 4 week classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced artist. Enroll today!

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